The relationship to our members of staff, to our customers and suppliers is open and honest.

We go along
We are active in the linear automation for the plastic industry as an independent enterprise. From the engineering to start-up we control the entire know how and offer thereby a high flexibility. From this we draw constantly new creativity and innovation strength for system approaches corresponding to real market conditions. Our market performances follows the market potential, the needs and expectations of our partners. Our long-term customers like also suppliers' relations leads us through whole Europe and beyond that.

We go in confidence and appreciation
Our well trained and motivated members of staff are solely responsible personalities, which furnish independently along-meant and gladly a high achievement. Our enterprise lives from the creativity, the commitment, the social and technical abilities of our members of staff.

We create advantages
We arrive to refined solutions and create for our customer real competition advantages through our long-time experience and well-rehearsed co-operation with our partners. Our products are fast, precisely, simple to execute and reliable in application. Each customer requirement will be singularly converted in our small firm.

We commit ourselves
To aim an appropriate net yield for the well-being of all involved ones for the provided capital
The abidance in ecological, ethically and social principles
In relation to a liberal free-market economy in democratic legal form

We are proud on our enterprise and take care to our principles.